Upstream Virtual Social Event: Conscious Capitalism 101: Benefit Corporations
The CC community is starting a new series: Conscious Capitalism 101. This series is intended to provide foundational information regarding implementing conscious capitalist policies and operations. Talks in this 101 series will be repeated every so often, so new CC members have the opportunity to learn and existing members can tune in for a refresher. In this 101: Benefit Corporations, our group moderator - Ilana Broad - will talk about the relatively new C Corp formation structure. Benefit Corporations are designed to balance priorities between profits and stakeholder impact. Tune in to learn how registering as a Benefit Corporation can further your company’s values and goals, and a bit about how this corporate structure will impact your operations and decision making. Following a brief presentation, we’ll break out into 2 5-minute networking sessions. This event does not constitute legal advice. Consult an attorney for a more situation-specific recommendation.
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