Upstream Virtual Social Event: Pitch Night #42 with Highlight (Exceeding $1MM revenue in Year 1)
Highlight is a venture-backed, high-growth startup that launched in January 2021 and will exceed $1MM revenue in year 1. Highlight is growing to work with innovation teams at companies like Nestle, P&G, Pepsi, and more. This is the 42nd event for an event series called Pitch Night. The idea is to have a company come and give a 5-10 minute pitch / walkthrough of what they are building, have a few questions from the host and attendees and then break out into 1:1. More About Highlight: Highlight is the first end-to-end, automated, physical product research platform. Highlight sends curated discovery boxes to its quality community, in exchange for feedback in their engaging app. About Founder: Dana Kim, founder and CEO of Highlight, spent 5 years in traditional market research, running global product research projects for clients like Coca Cola and Nike. There, she saw the challenges and inefficiencies of physical product research firsthand, and left to get her MBA in pursuit of building a solution in the space.
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