Upstream Social Event: Exponential: Brand Partnerships with Armand Khatri of Pinterest
Join Armand Khatri, brand partnership leader at Pinterest as we talk about deal flow, how to work to brands and why culture is such a big piece of how deals are perceived. Format: 15 minutes with Armand and Dave 3 five minute one-on-one networking sessions. Hosted by Dave Weinberg of Gently Ventures From Armand's early days with Business Insider, Mashable, Uncrate, Serious Eats, and many others at FM, to Tumblr and the amazing selection of Creatrs (independent artists), to running his own sales consultancy at Tracksuit, to now, where he is applying his consultative sales styles to help financial services speak to their audiences on Pinterest. Outside of work, Armand is a big advocate of mentorship (iMentor since 2014) and networking (co-founded The Binghamton Marketing Collective in 2017 and founded ACE, A Culinary Expedition in 2017).
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