Upstream Holiday Mixer 🎉 🎉 🎉: Lessons learned from WeWork w/ David Fano, Founder of Teal HQ
We’re chatting with David Fano, Founder & CEO of Teal HQ, which helps you achieve what’s next in your career. Prior to starting Teal (which has raised over $5 million), David was the Chief Growth Officer @ WeWork. We’ll be chatting about the lessons learned there that he’s most relied on in his latest venture. — Well, this is it. The last one of 2020 before going on hiatus to figure out what next year has in store. RSVP to this one, and then we’ll see you again in mid-Jan 2021! Afterward, you get matched with 3-4 other founders, 1-1, for a few mins each. If you’re a founder, it’s an amazing way to start a Friday. -FFNYC
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