Upstream Holiday Mixer 🎉 🎉 🎉: Stanford Alumni Mixer #2 with Johnny Hwin Partner at Studio Management
Johnny Hwin is an artist and entrepreneur previously featured in a New Yorker article on San Francisco’s creative culture. He is a co-founder at Thistle and the songwriter/producer of Cathedrals, an indie-electronic pop duo The New York Times describes as “R&B with 1980s rock swagger.” He has a BA in social psychology and an MS in technology entrepreneurship from Stanford University, where he launched his first company from the Stanford Facebook App Class. By night, he runs the San Francisco-based creative collective The SUB, whose latest art show “The 9 Cans of La Croix” garnered coverage from The Washington Post, Vice, and Elite Daily. He has advised and consulted a number of technology companies including Asana, DreamWorks, Lever, and Patreon. After a 10 minute conversation with Johnny, everyone will get a chance to meet fellow Stanford alumns for 1 on 1 conversations.
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